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Support Map

Just as each member has unique strengths, they also have unique barriers to success that can be overcome with the appropriate support. Whether it be requiring assistance to type, environmental accommodations for sensory sensitivities, or filling knowledge gaps, JoyDew identifies supports that can be put in place to make the member feel welcome, comfortable, ensure, or steady integration into the program, and enhance personal success and self-worth.

The Support Map Tool:

Like the strengths assessment tool, JoyDew found no comprehensive tools for identifying the support needs of members, so it created its own, which is provided to the member and their family/support team with the following topic areas:

  1. Support Needs
  1. Background/Historical Information:
  1. Business Skills Level
  1. How they Operate
  1. Interests and Priorities

The Support Map Process:

Once the Support Map Questionnaires have been received, reviewed, and collated, interviews are scheduled in the individual's natural setting to observe them and gather more information. At that meeting, a deeper dive is taken into the individual's personality, support needs, past experiences, and how they function in teams to further inform what support and settings are positive or problematic.

All the data is analyzed, and a support map is developed to remove barriers and support the individual's success. Like the Strengths Assessment, the Support Map Process is done twice annually in the first two years, and once every year thereafter.