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Autism Friendly Environment

JoyDew’s approach is first to create an autism-friendly environment for members, wherever they are on the spectrum. This includes the physical space, tools and staff.

The physical space is designed to not be over-stimulating in terms of color scheme, bright/flickering lights, loud/annoying sounds, etc. There is a special quiet “hug” room with soft furniture and low lighting where members can retreat when they feel anxious.

High speed internet, job related equipment (ex: radiology imaging equipment, tools for robotics, etc.), tools for managing sensory sensitivity (such as noise-cancelling headsets) and communication tools like iPads with chat tools are used so that non-speaking members are included in the conversation.

JoyDew staffs each location with experienced job trainers and coaches that are skilled in facilitated communication and other to educate, train and support the members as they are working. While working in the office is preferred, JoyDew also operates hybrid.

Since traditional business environments don’t yet make accommodations for neurodiverse employees, JoyDew’s autism-friendly location allows members to be more relaxed and productive, and companies are able to tap into their “Autism Genius” without having to make drastic alterations to their own environments to accommodate the members’ social and sensory differences.