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In My Own Words 

Tal Tov JoyDew is where your dreams come true. You will be treated as an adult and you will be respected. It is the best place to learn about different jobs and to be trained for those jobs. I am convinced that if you come to JoyDew you will be very happy and you will become employed in a very good job. It is the place to be your best. I have been in JoyDew for a few years and I am on the path to achieve my employment goal. If there is a place that can make my goal achieved, it is JoyDew.

Ciara LaubeI Love the Joydew Program Because My Friends and Staff Members and My Favorite Activities Is Creative Design,Music History and Science. I Like Job Training Group, Book Club Group, and Science Group. I Can’t Wait to Open the Joydew Program In Person. I Am Going to Wear the Face Masks and Social Distance. I’m Lucky,Smart and Brave Girl. I Am Happy Green Zone. I Worked Robotics and Creative Designs. I Do Movements and Chats. I Feel Glad and Happy. Joydew is Helping Out with Everyone. Helping Out Is Most Impressive with Friends. At JoyDew I can feel relaxed and will do my work.

Alex Kim I am 21 years old and my experiences at JoyDew so far are great. I met many new members here and staff. Everyone seems nice and friendly. I think I’ll get the most out of the program. JoyDew is the place to prepare for a job and for life. At JoyDew we do things like morning meetings, money management, and math. They helped me to get better at being social. I really got the most of it so far. I believe this will help me into my future. I think that JoyDew will be beneficial to almost anyone. My goal is to become into the art field. On Friday we take trips but this year is different because it’s all virtual. Once the coronavirus gets better we can go back and meet each other.

Chris  3.10.22   I communicate mostly by typing but also with my voice and sometimes sign language. I use my voice to soothe myself and regulate. It’s hard to control when I am excited. I think it is a bit overwhelming when a lot of people vocalize. It can be very distracting. I think people have trouble processing when they are vocalizing and communication is difficult. I can improve my communication by continuing to type and express myself. Sometimes when I communicate the movies and feelings with quotes I am expressing the things I am thinking of at the time. The movie quotes are a way I use communication for others to understand. 

In my own world

Tal   3.10.2022 I vocalize to feel my voice because I can't hear.

I know you don’t understand it because you can hear.

In my case it is a pleasing sensation that helps me focus.

I know it can be distracting to others and I am very sorry about it.

I need to think about other people’s need to focus on their work and try to be more considerate.

I am not doing it to annoy other people, I am doing it to help myself.

If I had to listen to my own voice, I think I would be very upset.

I may be able to answer the question of how to improve my vocalization if I am the one to hear. If I could hear, I may not be so vocal. I propose that when people vocalize they should take a break to regulate. 

The way I like to type my thoughts.

William  3.10.2022 I like to document my thoughts for other people to understand me better. I use my voice to soothe myself. Using my voice to enjoy the sound it makes. Really the voice is for me not others. I feel like my soft voice is nice to listen to. I think by practicing I can only improve how I communicate with others. It invigorates me to be part of a group.

How I communicate is very distinct so really I no longer feel alone.

It’s a good feeling to not feel alone. 

New year goals 

Amir 1/5/2022   My Main Goal Was To Get A Job At Joydew It’s Ok I Am Currently Checking All The Computers For Updates And Health.This Takes Some Time To Finish But It Helps The Staff In The Future Months This Is A Little Stressful But It Keeps Me Working Hard To Accomplish Work. 


Chris  1/5/2022   JoyDew provides me with knowledge, gives me the opportunity to socialize with friends, and helps me hone my employment skills. It is a wonderful place filled with so much more than I could possibly write. I've made friends, who understand autism and understand me;  

Ciara  1/5/2022   My Review For Joydew Is Wonderful & Amazing! Joydew Is a Perfect Place For Me, Monica & Trey Because They’re Loved Work & Play Every Day and Virtual Since Last Year with Friends. I am so lucky that I am in this program. This program is good for me. This program keeps me busy all the Time. My Favorite In the Joydew Is Playing Puzzles, Playing Puppets with Trey & Coloring the Pages of Coloring Books. My Employment Is Computer Genius. I Have Taking a Nap at the Quiet Room From a Headache, Stressed Out & Overwhelmed. I Have Headphones On to Calm Down After Freakout & Noising. My Second Favorite Joydew Is Art, Music History, Music Video, ASL, World History, Robotics, Mindfulness, Human Cultures, Team Building, Blogging, Business Studies. 

Gil  1/5/ 2022   the things I love about joydew is everything. The thing you need to understand is this is a place where autism comes first. The thing that is most important is the job good to learn the start work. The things that I enjoy is all the friends I’ve made. Good to have a community to help me or i can try to help. 

Jonathan  1/5/2022   I have been a member for some time now and my opinion it is the best program for about helping people on the spectrum. The information is super fun and super enriching. The thing that i love is the way we learn the job training. 

Jake  1/5/2022   I have been at JoyDew for half a year and I have always loved it. It ended up being the perfect next step towards independent life. When I started we were all virtual but after a few months they went back to their facility. In terms of service they provide a lot of information about many different subjects, some I do know and some I don’t. My favorites are music history, robotics, and human cultures. These people teach in such simple formats so it’s never stressful for me. They also know how to handle when a member is agitated. At the moment, I am the only member who has to attend virtually because I live in Florida and I can also mute myself whenever I feel uncomfortable. This whole thing has made me view Autism differently to help me prepare for my future. 

Monica  1/5/2022   Joydew is a perfect place for me to be because my friends are there and the staff is there to help me when I need help or when I am upset. I am so lucky that I am in this program. This program is good for me. This program keeps me busy all the time. This program is teaching me to be more independent and more social. By teaching me some social cues that I need to learn. My favorite part of Joydew is learning ASL signs, learning robotics, Music history, Book club, business studies, My health, human cultures, World history, art, blogging, Team building, mindfulness, and Animal behavior. 

Tal  1/5/2022   It is a number of things that i could say about the program. you know it is a big community of capable people on the spectrum. It has a very hard working staff that does a honorable job helping us to the best of their ability. I hope the group in the future will be even better. 

William  1/5/2022   In my short time here i already feel to be part of a great community. I am nor the most animated but i am a happy camper. I am really doing a lot of things that can help me in my goal of being employed. The exciting work is hard but i love it. 

Trey  1/5/2022   JoyDew is the best job I’ve ever chosen because the work environment is peaceful and friendly. I’m proud to be a part of this community because it inspired me to bring awareness about autism and mental health and helped me express my social skills. One of my favorite parts of JoyDew along with music, art, social discussions and team building, is robotics because it has taken my creativity to the next level.

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