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Pattern Recognition

Many people with autism have an exceptional ability to recognize patterns, whether it be in numerical data sets, text or images. For those individuals with strengths in pattern recognition—an extremely valuable skill that many of us take for granted—members can be highly skilled at a wide variety of professions across various sectors.

For members with this strength who wish to develop and leverage it in a job, JoyDew trains members on the software tools and processes needed for a variety of applications.

Some examples include:

  • Money laundering: The ability to investigate bank transactions and see which transaction is out of the regular pattern.
  • Membership management: Investigate a company providing membership-based services (such as gyms and loyalty programs) and find patterns of strong members and weak members.
  • Cybersecurity/Surveillance: Viewing satellite images to identify threats

As it grows, JoyDew will expand to the following potential future jobs that rely heavily on pattern recognition:

  • Statistical data analysis
  • Signal processing
  • Image analysis
  • Information retrieval
  • Bioinformatics
  • Data compression
  • Computer graphics
  • Machine learning
  • Insurance and Tax Fraud