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The field of multi-media is exploding and can be an excellent career choice for our creative members who have strong visual and auditory perception and/or strong language skills.

JoyDew offers training in areas such as:


Members may learn basic composition, photography/videography, as well as editing recorded materials to develop finished products. They work with camera footage, sound effects, graphics, special effects and dialogues to create video projects.


In these classes, members learn the fundamentals of figures in motion, facial expression, design concepts, characters/personalized motions, composition, layering and storytelling. They learn to design and draw assets for different mediums with an eye toward use in films, TV shows, video games and commercials.

Sound Engineering

Members may learn to record, mix, synchronize, edit and reproduce different types of audio for music, sound effects, or voices for various projects, such as theater, podcasts and sporting events.

Multimedia design

Using various multimedia applications, members create engaging presentations of information and audio, video, animation, and graphic images for various multimedia applications including websites, training, education, entertainment or data presentation products.