Medical Imaging

JoyDew members can apply their unique abilities of strong focus and attention to assist radiologists in pre-screening for breast cancer.


As people are replaced by robots in certain jobs, JoyDew members learn critical skills in robotic engineering, programming and remote operation – all vital for the future of employment.

Pattern Recognition

Among the many strengths of those with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), pattern recognition is emerging as a marketable capability. This may be applied to a broad range of jobs across industries.

Digital Content

While the digital content lifecycle is rapidly being automated, JoyDew members learn to work alongside technology to support all content management needs.

Big Data Engineering

Applied along with digital content creation, JoyDew members learn to use Big Data analytics to deliver valuable insights for clients.

Advisory Services

As the population of those on the spectrum continues to grow, organizations are focusing on inclusivity and neurodiversity and JoyDew is here to help – Ask us how!

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