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Autism 3.0

You may have heard of the term "Autism 3.0" in the autism community recently, as our founder, Moish Tov, has been asked to speak about his concept at many conferences around the world. The foundational idea is that there has been an evolution in the way society thinks about autism, and that we need to expand that understanding further to understand the full spectrum, value it, and leverage it for employment and the benefit of society.

Autism is a life-long neurological condition, characterized by neurologically atypical patterns of thought or behavior that impacts people very differently. Because the brain is not well understood, the field of medicine has struggled to define the disease and currently resorts to outdated coding systems based on an incorrect assumption of lower intelligence and level of function. The result is that for decades, people with autism were presumed incompetent.

There have been some improvements in recent years, as an understanding developed that many people with autism actually have higher levels of intelligence than average. People with autism were then ranked on a spectrum based on their need for support and leading companies have been seeking ways to successfully employ them.

At JoyDew, we take the disruptive "Autism 3.0" approach. We see the spectrum as 3 dimensional, with multiple intelligences and strengths.

We "presume competence" and focus on an individual's unique strengths, rather than their limitations as compared to neurotypical individuals. The organization provides an autism-friendly, community-centric experience for all members (including the non-speaking) to help them thrive and successfully work in teams with third-party companies. Applying a proprietary methodology, JoyDew is able to tease out each member's unique strengths, determine what support they need, create a personalized plan to determine jobs of interest and training required, train them, and ultimately employ them in appropriate, high-value jobs.