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Members Perspectives

In My Own Words 

Tal Tov JoyDew is where your dreams come true. You will be treated as an adult and you will be respected. It is the best place to learn about different jobs and to be trained for those jobs. I am convinced that if you come to JoyDew you will be very happy and you will become employed in a very good job. It is the place to be your best. I have been in JoyDew for a few years and I am on the path to achieve my employment goal. If there is a place that can make my goal achieved, it is JoyDew.

Ciara LaubeI Love the Joydew Program Because My Friends and Staff Members and My Favorite Activities Is Creative Design,Music History and Science. I Like Job Training Group, Book Club Group, and Science Group. I Can’t Wait to Open the Joydew Program In Person. I Am Going to Wear the Face Masks and Social Distance. I’m Lucky,Smart and Brave Girl. I Am Happy Green Zone. I Worked Robotics and Creative Designs. I Do Movements and Chats. I Feel Glad and Happy. Joydew is Helping Out with Everyone. Helping Out Is Most Impressive with Friends. At JoyDew I can feel relaxed and will do my work.

Alex kim I am 21 years old and my experiences at JoyDew so far are great. I met many new members here and staff. Everyone seems nice and friendly. I think I’ll get the most out of the program. JoyDew is the place to prepare for a job and for life. At JoyDew we do things like morning meetings, money management, and math. They helped me to get better at being social. I really got the most of it so far. I believe this will help me into my future. I think that JoyDew will be beneficial to almost anyone. My goal is to become into the art field. On Friday we take trips but this year is different because it’s all virtual. Once the coronavirus gets better we can go back and meet each other.

Chris  3.10.22   I communicate mostly by typing but also with my voice and sometimes sign language. I use my voice to soothe myself and regulate. It’s hard to control when I am excited. I think it is a bit overwhelming when a lot of people vocalize. It can be very distracting. I think people have trouble processing when they are vocalizing and communication is difficult. I can improve my communication by continuing to type and express myself. Sometimes when I communicate the movies and feelings with quotes I am expressing the things I am thinking of at the time. The movie quotes are a way I use communication for others to understand. 

My view on vocalization

Gil  3.10.2022 You may think it is ok to vocalize during class, but I feel it is very distracting. I need to focus on my work and the noise makes it very difficult.

I feel that I am very good at controlling my voice and I think I am good at helping other people be quiet.

If I could guess why other people are vocalizing, I would say that it is because they are either frustrated or excited.

I am very aware of the need of people to vocalize but I think it is something that they need to think about the need to be quiet for the benefit of everyone else.

No one is behind the people that can’t speak.

Those people are not having the same chance as people that speak. I think this could be one reason why these people vocalize.

People that can speak and vocalize it is because they have the need to recite things that are in their heads.

It could be the same reason people who don’t speak are using their voice. I want to say that vocalization is part of life and we need to deal with it to the benefit of everyone.


Amir   3.10.2022 We All Communicate Differently, Everyone Runs At Their Own Speed And It Takes For Some People To Say What's On Their Mind.

If We Ask A Question To Someone And If We Keep Asking Then It Would Be Hard For Them To Get Their Thoughts Out.

If Someone Can’t Get Their Thoughts Out Then It’s Tough To Hear Friends' Answers.

People Communicate Through Their Voice ASL Texting Email Cell Phone. 

Andrew   I communicate by using ASL, talking , and singing to myself. to communicate is to say what’s on their mind I had to agree with amir on this one.

If i had to ask what is better communication or talking more it would have to be talking more.

Mark 3.10.2022 The best way to communicate is by typing. The time I feel excited is by using my voice. I am very amazed that my friends are taking my vocalization so well.

If I was them I would be very upset. I feel that for right now I'm working on trying to keep my hands busy to calm my voice.

Sometimes it's hard to follow that but I am trying to think I need the calm feeling.

The best way to keep their voice down is to think about the work you are doing.

When I am busy thinking about my work I am usually quiet.

Doing my work means being focused on the class material. 

Trey   3.10.2022 I do have good communication skills but sometimes I’m soft spoken because I get shy and nervous every now and then. I speak up when I have enough confidence in myself. I also talk back sometimes because I have a lot to say. I improve this by training myself to listen before talking. I don’t mind when my friends vocalize but when it happens while work is in session, it’s a little distracting to me when I’m focused. The other options I have for communication are music, puppetry, drawings, and writing because art is another way of expressing yourself. The community helps me with my communication by teaching me sign language and showing tips on having a good conversation with someone. 

In my own world

Tal   3.10.2022 I vocalize to feel my voice because I can't hear.

I know you don’t understand it because you can hear.

In my case it is a pleasing sensation that helps me focus.

I know it can be distracting to others and I am very sorry about it.

I need to think about other people’s need to focus on their work and try to be more considerate.

I am not doing it to annoy other people, I am doing it to help myself.

If I had to listen to my own voice, I think I would be very upset.

I may be able to answer the question of how to improve my vocalization if I am the one to hear. If I could hear, I may not be so vocal. I propose that when people vocalize they should take a break to regulate. 

The way I like to type my thoughts.

William  3.10.2022 I like to document my thoughts for other people to understand me better. I use my voice to soothe myself. Using my voice to enjoy the sound it makes. Really the voice is for me not others. I feel like my soft voice is nice to listen to. I think by practicing I can only improve how I communicate with others. It invigorates me to be part of a group.

How I communicate is very distinct so really I no longer feel alone.

It’s a good feeling to not feel alone. 

New year goals 

Amir 1/5/2022   My Main Goal Was To Get A Job At Joydew It’s Ok I Am Currently Checking All The Computers For Updates And Health.This Takes Some Time To Finish But It Helps The Staff In The Future Months This Is A Little Stressful But It Keeps Me Working Hard To Accomplish Work. 


Chris  1/5/2022   JoyDew provides me with knowledge, gives me the opportunity to socialize with friends, and helps me hone my employment skills. It is a wonderful place filled with so much more than I could possibly write. I've made friends, who understand autism and understand me;  

Ciara  1/5/2022   My Review For Joydew Is Wonderful & Amazing! Joydew Is a Perfect Place For Me, Monica & Trey Because They’re Loved Work & Play Every Day and Virtual Since Last Year with Friends. I am so lucky that I am in this program. This program is good for me. This program keeps me busy all the Time. My Favorite In the Joydew Is Playing Puzzles, Playing Puppets with Trey & Coloring the Pages of Coloring Books. My Employment Is Computer Genius. I Have Taking a Nap at the Quiet Room From a Headache, Stressed Out & Overwhelmed. I Have Headphones On to Calm Down After Freakout & Noising. My Second Favorite Joydew Is Art, Music History, Music Video, ASL, World History, Robotics, Mindfulness, Human Cultures, Team Building, Blogging, Business Studies. 

Gil  1/5/ 2022   the things I love about joydew is everything. The thing you need to understand is this is a place where autism comes first. The thing that is most important is the job good to learn the start work. The things that I enjoy is all the friends I’ve made. Good to have a community to help me or i can try to help. 

Jonathan  1/5/2022   I have been a member for some time now and my opinion it is the best program for about helping people on the spectrum. The information is super fun and super enriching. The thing that i love is the way we learn the job training. 

Jake  1/5/2022   I have been at JoyDew for half a year and I have always loved it. It ended up being the perfect next step towards independent life. When I started we were all virtual but after a few months they went back to their facility. In terms of service they provide a lot of information about many different subjects, some I do know and some I don’t. My favorites are music history, robotics, and human cultures. These people teach in such simple formats so it’s never stressful for me. They also know how to handle when a member is agitated. At the moment, I am the only member who has to attend virtually because I live in Florida and I can also mute myself whenever I feel uncomfortable. This whole thing has made me view Autism differently to help me prepare for my future. 

Monica  1/5/2022   Joydew is a perfect place for me to be because my friends are there and the staff is there to help me when I need help or when I am upset. I am so lucky that I am in this program. This program is good for me. This program keeps me busy all the time. This program is teaching me to be more independent and more social. By teaching me some social cues that I need to learn. My favorite part of Joydew is learning ASL signs, learning robotics, Music history, Book club, business studies, My health, human cultures, World history, art, blogging, Team building, mindfulness, and Animal behavior. 

Tal  1/5/2022   It is a number of things that i could say about the program. you know it is a big community of capable people on the spectrum. It has a very hard working staff that does a honorable job helping us to the best of their ability. I hope the group in the future will be even better. 

William  1/5/2022   In my short time here i already feel to be part of a great community. I am nor the most animated but i am a happy camper. I am really doing a lot of things that can help me in my goal of being employed. The exciting work is hard but i love it. 

Trey  1/5/2022   JoyDew is the best job I’ve ever chosen because the work environment is peaceful and friendly. I’m proud to be a part of this community because it inspired me to bring awareness about autism and mental health and helped me express my social skills. One of my favorite parts of JoyDew along with music, art, social discussions and team building, is robotics because it has taken my creativity to the next level.

The way I was 

Gil 11.17.21  I believe that every person is the reflection of their image.

For example, if someone is confident and believes in himself, he can go as far as their dreams.

For me it is the ability to work hard and the belief that I am smart and capable.

I am proud of my accomplishments in the field of radiology and creative writing. I am proud about my advocacy presentations.

I am always thinking about the best way to achieve my goals. I think about the way I can get there and what will be the best strategy.

The way I think about myself is the way I make my decisions.

I am always telling myself that I can do it if I try hard enough.

I am always trying to look at the fool glass and not the empty one.

I sometimes need to convince myself that it is ok to be different and not like everyone else. I keep telling myself that not everyone needs to be the same in order to succeed in life.

Being different can be an advantage sometimes. For example, being autistic can give you some views on life that other people don’t have. It can enable you to be original and think out of the box.

I think that more people should be ready to accept the fact that people with autism have a very important role in this world. It will be a much better world if we all accept our differences.

It is my belief that we are the image of our personality.  I hope you have a great day.   

My Confidence 

Christian 11/17/2021  I Write A Journal To Get Busy To Help Me To Relax. I am Proud, Hard Working Man. I Knew It Because I am Smart And Proud. Yes, I am Caring, Funny, Smart, Friendly, Good Mood, Green Zone, My Mind and Focusing On My Work Makes Me Confident. I Say My Favorite Color Green Zone Is Ready To Learn. I Want To Feel Happy To Say Good Words When I am Red, Blue, or Yellow Zone or Frustrated,  Sad, Excited. When I get Frustrated I need to use good words to get back to Green Zone. My Life Need Postives I can do this.   

Positive affirmations  

William  11/11/2021   I am proud of my ability to be an advocate for myself. I believe that I can be a great person and I am very smart.

It is not always easy but I keep trying.

I am positive that I will get to the place I want to go.

It may not be easy but I can do it.   


Matthew  11/4/2021

Yes, I cast my vote in the last election.

I put my ballot in the mail.

My voting experience is to take the vote so that makes me feel good. Because it feels empowered.

Voting is important because, working on percentages is important to winning.

1st Up, go on computers and find work papers, get stamps, sign the paper, and last, draw a circle around the votes.   

In the Inner World of Me 

Tal 11/2/2021

I am a man of many feelings. I can be happy, I can be sad, I can be silly and I can be bad.

I understand the need to rhyme but it doesn’t always happen.

I look at the words and they keep jumping.

I feel it is nice to quietly be in my world

It feels so peaceful and quiet to my pores.

It goes like that the music play

I feel that I can be amazed.

It is the good to be hearing But the fact is I am grateful.

I am the silent guy

That want to be the willful.

I am done it is time to go

Goodbye my friends, I will be back.

  Think it's all gone

I end my thoughts with swans

I go really mad

I could go eat good hams

Ok I'll hope I see rams

I'll find my mind new

My mind is in a brew

Is it if the time anew

I never time to say adieu

It's halloween so all I got to say is boo   

Rap Verses 




When you find your happy place

Life can lead you to a saving grace

Autism may mean misunderstood

But it’s still a gift to livelihood

My friends and the staff at JoyDew fill me with glee

When I’m around them they are like family to me

Music and Disney redeemed my happiness levels inside

They helped me look on the bright side

My girlfriend is like an angel and a symbol of hope

Her love and support helped me cope

I want to be known and remembered for having a good heart

Autism awareness and mental health awareness is a head start  


I want to hear mom

Its hard to hear when she is on the phone

I want to hear mom

But my dad is upstairs.

I want to hear ryan down in the basement

But i am very busy.

I hear the sound of the car in the driveway

I think leeanne going again.

I stand in the middle of the room

Trying to see the bloom.

I need to be afloat

But my mind is very glot

I feel i need to take a break

But mom says I need to be awake.

Of course i want to be the best

I will work my butt to go that place.

I am cool

Look fresh

Look best

You look best  



Yes im looking good

Really i feel good after i pooed

There is nothing better

There is a begetter

In the bathroom you hopping in

Reading a newspaper you get it

The dad gets mad and really goes off

Pretty sure im gonna be grounded

Yes i think you the tomorrow

The you in the tomorrow new

The you to go you

You few you get a clue


On the inside

Great your smile

On the place in good taste

On my playlist

On the music

Into Love songs

In a band

You clap hands

On Friends

On your Mind

Be Kind

I look fine

The finest mind   



My view on friends 

Jake 9/23/2021  When I meet friends, I want them to be nice and have a good personality. This is just because I care about people who are friendly. If they like what I like, that’s even better. It’s just the people with special needs and are non-verbal that trigger my anxiety. Most friends like me because of my phenomenal memory and car knowledge. The ones I have known my whole life were always impressed! I see the friends in my community as a way to introduce me to other people’s wants. don’t actually like helping friends but I do like when they give me help of my own. Most of the time they encourage me to work hard through tough situations.   


Mark 9/2/2021

I think I need to work the staying calm with my voice, and it's hard for friends to work with the noise.

If it feels happy inside and my voice must come out.

It’s my first time to be in a place where I am a part of the community. I have trouble seeing it when my friends want me to be quiet.

I try to contain it but it’s really hard sometimes.

I usually have a hard time with anger. Anger is hard for me because I don't really get mad. 


Ciara 9/2/2021  I Think of Happy Face with friends. I’m Very Good at Joydew. I’m Upset about Ruin My Masterpiece of Art By Tal Last Week. Anat Told Me to Make Feel Better and Sorry to Tal. And I’m Very Funny with Friend Trey Because I Watched Spongebob & Funny Videos. I’m Very Proud Because I Played Pac-Man Puzzles Every Week. Try to Check If My Friends They’re Okay. I Ask My Friends Questions They’re Fine. 

Words of affirmation 

Dov 8/19/2021   Physical touch is important because

His important to remind me where I am.

I like to be around my family.

Sometimes I get stuck in my head.

It’s tough to get out of my head.

Walking around Helps me to understand what’s happening Around me.

I need to know what’s happening around me.   

Love Language  

Monica 9/29/2021  I want to explain what love means to me.

The way that my parents show me love is by hugging me which is a physical touch.

And the way my boyfriend shows me love is by telling me that I love you. He gets me gifts. My boyfriend gets me gifts because he is loyal, sweet, kind and understanding comforting, loving. My boyfriend’s love language, gift giving and words of affirmation.

My parents have a great heart.

Monica is very caring. Monica cares about everyone and I love spending time with everyone.

I just love spending time with my parents. My love language is quality time.

I show my friends love by helping them out when they need it the most.

Love languages.

The staff here is very nice and caring and very understanding. The staff make me feel loved by providing a safe environment for me. Quality time with my brother is important to me because I miss him when he is not around. I miss him, by texting him and calling him to tell him that I miss you.

The staff here cares about me. And I care about my friends here.

I do not know what I will do without the staff here. This is the best program ever. Because I have lots of friends and they all care about me. They all care about me.

The only love language that I do not have experience with is acts of service. When my friends are feeling upset I can show them Disney movies.

The way you can show me more love is by giving me more empathy and showing me more empathy.

L's Rap Songs

Ciara 9/29/2021 I Am a Music Teacher who loves songs. I Dream about Star Longs. You Like Respect the words. And those are Beautiful songbirds. This Is Little Light of Mine I've Got Let a Shine. I Like to Play Musical Chairs. I Shared at the Fairs. I Love to Sing. And King Brings a Ring. When you wish upon a star Makes no difference who you are Somewhere over that rainbow All skies are blue, oh If birds can fly Beyond the rainbow Why, oh why, then why can't I

Amir 9/29/2021 I Like Video Games I Ain't Playin No Games This Wouldn't Be A Shame That Claims To Be Fame But It's Always Hard To Be Blame Someone That's Put Down In Fear They Could Clear The Frontier To Smoke By Schmoke We Never Spoke We Never Provoke The Woke

Friends and me

Mark 09/28/2021 I think that friends are making me want to be the way I am the best I can be. l I like to be the best friend to the people I like, because they help me and I help them. I am a very friendly person. Because I like to be with other people. I am the one that will be happy to help all my friends if they need help. I can help by arranging their things and organizing their belongings. I can help by questioning a funny joke to make them laugh. I can be helpful with work that needs to be done


William 9/23/2021 I am very interested in communication. I do use my ipad to communicate. The thing is that i am apraxic and that disable me from speaking. I need people to understand that it is important to be patient and wait before talking.

Trey 9/23/2021 What the T.H.I.N.K. when communicating means to me is to stop and think before you say something or listen before you talk. I have been doing well with communication because I've been following the rules. What I need to work on in communication is listening before I talk because sometimes I talk back when I have a lot to say. Friends Tal 9/23/2021 Friends are the thing that makes you want to get up in the morning. I am very fond of my friends at joydew. I feel like they are my community. I like to be around my friends and they know how to help me the best. I feel that with my friends I can achieve more and become a better person. It is very important to keep your friends pleased with you so they feel happy. If I have a disagreement with my friends I try to be considerate and understand their point of view. I may not agree with them but I appreciate their opinion.




Jonathan 9/23/2021 I look for big hearts and party. Its important because the kindest people are big hearted. I like to party rock. Partying is important to relax. People like me because i am funny to think about and for video watching. I think my joydew friends are the best because they are fun and here for me. I have friends that help get me working and awake. I help my friends to get motivated to fight for their right to party.

Dov 9 23/2021 Kindness I like when friends tell jokes I like to make friends laugh. Life is full of jokes I love to giggle Friends teach you things.

Chris 9/23/2021 I look for friends that are patient and silly. I like patience because being patient is a virtue. Patience is hard to do but is important. The silly answer is important because they should be funny to make me laugh. The best part of laughing is smiles. I am very fun, quick and really friendly. I see my joydew friends as big driven and just the original. They help me by being there for me when i need it. I help them by being friendly and fun.


Andrew 9/23/2021 I think it's hard to communicate. It's is hard for me to communicate with other people It's hard for me to talk "Water is so good"

My view on community

Jake 9/2021 The main community that I am part of is the people who help me do well at tasks and assingments, including my ABA staff and family. Having them to help me in tough situations makes me feel more comfortable. To me, being part of a community is meant to allow people to be used to the different activities that happen every day, like shopping and eating out. Connecting with others is one thing I learn in ABA by practicing the act of knowing when and how to start a conversation with someone. When new people join the community and also when going out, I am always worried there will be a little kid or someone who has personal problems, which would make me feel uncomfortable. Then I tell my peers that I am feeling agitated and need to get out of the situation. I help others by asking if they need assistance and they help me by reminding me of when to say certain things.


Matthew 9/1/2021 I took pictures at the Garden field trip. I took photos of the Statues, Flowers, Plants, Benches, Grasses, Mansions and Mushrooms. I saw the statue and it's tall as The Empire State Building. The statue is boring and the statue is falling asleep. The plants are green in the shake leaves. The weather looks nice and it looks sunny. I like the Water Statue with its showers. The Mansion looks like home and it is haunted and it has rooms and lobbies. The tree has a lot of colors Orange, Green, Yellow, Brown, Pink and Orange. I enjoyed taking pictures of plants and I thought about what we learned about hydroponics. We walked a lot at the park. I felt great walking during the photography sessions at the Botanical Gardens.

The pandemic still going

Chris 7/15/2021 My family learned a lot about me. I learned about in my family The hard world we have to deal with. On your home computer it's easy to try to listen in to class. I think being online i got more time with my happy family. I miss the help from leanne during dorming at home. I really miss my sister she was fun to hang out with you. Goal some really to do reading more books she likes you to

Missing Friends During Quarantine

Christian 7/15/2021 I Saw Less Friends During Pandemic. I Really Miss My Friends During Quarantine. It Was A Little Bit Hard To Focus During Quarantine. It Felt Easy To Go Back To JoyDew Foundation. Hanging Out With Friends Again Made Me Feel Happy. Seeing Staff In Person Like Frank And Anat And Nick Was Like A Happy Promise.

My Pandemic

Mark 7/15/2021 I've been in had a big change in my life. I was very lonely all the time. Now I am with my friends. It is very hard to be in a group home during the pandemic. It is a lonely life to be in a place where there are no friends or family. The happy feeling was being with friends. My friends at JoyDew Foundation are understanding of me. They are so nice and welcoming to me. Really is the best place to work as someone with autism. The work is challenging me but also fun. If you can imagine not working with your peers. I never got that chance but now i do. You can't imagine how good it feels to go to work with my friends The thing I looked forward to was being able to be understood. Typing my words us very important to me.

The Pandemic

Jake 7/15/2021 To me, the pandemic altered my learning experience because when it hit, I was about three quarters of the way through my junior year, so I had to do the last few months via Zoom. I was very disappointed at first, but I actually preferred it and stuck with it during my senior year because virtual learning is not stressful and easier. It also made me more aware of how to prevent getting COVID, so luckily, the vaccine for my age was created after about a year in quarantine. And my brother got his later in the year. Second, I also started JoyDew Foundation immediately after graduation. When I joined, they were still virtual. I had been at JoyDew Foundation for just two weeks when they came back to their campus. I liked the fact, but I still had to Zoom because they are in New Jersey and I live all the way down in Florida. And also their original schedule was longer than when I Zoomed, but I immediately got used to it.The main thing I am excited about is going back on outings to movies and restaurants I haven't been to yet. And obviously, reuniting with my relatives.

Name Poems

Gil 7/6/2020 Going Google Getting Goofy If I Incapable I Invisible Looking Like Love Lost LOL Talking To Think Today Tough Out On Outrageous Output Victory Vote Very Volingly.

Advocacy is important

By Tal I believe that communication is a human right. If you don’t have communication, you can’t express yourself. If I need to be understood then I need to have a way to communicate my needs. I preferer to use fc to communicate my ideas and needs. When I am understood people can help me with my needs and they can appreciate my ideas' It makes me feel good to know that I am understood and I can get the help I need. Advocacy Blogging in Learning about people.


By Gil I am very good advocating for other people. I was the key note speaker in a few conferences. It was in the dare to dream conferences. This is a special conference for people with disabilities. People with disabilities are special people and they have many abilities that can make them very successful in life. I spoke about how I overcome my disability and became a better person. I wanted to show them that it can e done even if you are disabled. A good advocate should be very open minded and strong personality. He or she should be able to articulate their ideas and believes. If you are good at advocating you may be invited to speak at a conference. You can also try to write blogs and reach many people over the internet. I feel good about being an advocate because I am helping others. If I can do it should be possible for other people to do it. As long as you work hard and believe in yourself you have a good chance to become successful in life.

Andrew's best job

I like to work as a radiology assistant In medical imaging I learned a lot. I learned how to spot differences. I find the difference in between pictures of x rays I like working with Moish I want to help catch cancer A job where I save lives is a good job

Autism Community

Trey When I’m around people at JoyDew Foundation, I feel happy because I get to make new friends easily. It feels like I’m in my childhood years again. It was hard during my middle school, high school, and college years because the people I tried to make friends or to find love with don’t understand my autism, they thought I was weird and awkward and it’s unfair. Being at JoyDew Foundation feels like a compensation for the loss because the people here understands my struggles and appreciates my talents. It feels great to be in a place where everyone is the same because it's fun being weird or different. If the world is normal, then it would be boring. It’s important to be in a group of people who are like me because If a person with autism or special needs is around normal people, they won’t fit in easy because they’ll be judged or rejected at any minute and feel isolated. Having an autism community makes JoyDew Foundation special because people need to understand or be aware of our disabilities before they are quick to judge. As Tupac Shakur said, “Measure a man’s actions fully from beginning to the end.”

Change can be difficult

By Gil I don’t like change at all, and I like it when I know that is going to happen. If I don’t know what is going to happen, I am getting anxious. I prefer to know in advance what to expect. I do not always I know what to expect, and this makes me upset. If I know what to expect, and then I am more secure. My best way of being prepared is to talk to someone that can help me understand what to expect. I am very hopeful that in time I will learn to be more comfortable with change. If I was more used to change, I could go places and to be less worried about what I’m doing there. if I was less worried, I would have a lot more time happy.

Civil Rights

Trey What civil rights mean to me is fighting for equality and freedom against hate, anger, racism, discrimination, sexism, violence and other circumstances. The most important civil rights for people with autism is bringing awareness about it. If they bring awareness, it’ll be easier for them to make friends and other people who are not on the spectrum will get a chance to learn and understand it. I can advocate for civil rights for myself and other people with autism by showing my blogs and showing videos that are related to autism. One of the classes in JoyDew Foundation where we practice expressing ourselves is Advocacy. In that class, I practice the skills of sharing my emotions.

The decade of hope

By Danny I am very excited about the next decade. It is going to be a very important decade because it will show the results of my hard work in school and JoyDew Foundation. I am hoping that my results will be that I can start working in the field of pattern recognition. It will be wonderful if I can move out of my mom’s house and live by myself. I am very excited about the possibilities for the next decade. I plan to work as hard as I can to achieve, my goals.

Group Poetry

By Trey and Elliott Love Is Hard It Is Hard To Love Yourself. Love Is Like A Storm Of Happiness In A Rainbow. Love Is Kisses In The Morning. Love Is Kisses For The Sleep. Love Is A Beauty Of Light We Are Trying To Find In A Shadow Of Darkness. Love Is JoyDew Foundation. Love Feels Like A Visit In Heaven. Love Is In The Air Always. By Chris, Julian, Tal Friends Means Friendship To Me. Friends Means Hugs In The Moon. Friends Are Walking With Your Hand. Do Friends Love Like Me. Friends Are Everything. It Is The Good Times And The Bad. Friends Make Me Calm. Friends Do Are The Best Thing In The World. By Danny Gil, Jonathan Joydew is a place to learn I am the very best at JoyDew Foundation JoyDew Foundation is the learning place I go here to be my best I show the world how smart I am I am the master of destiny here Greatest place during my life By Christian, AE, Dov, Mark I love the color blue Blue is the color of the sky Blue is the color of sad Blue shadows run fast Blue flowers in spring My Yamaka Is blue I love the color because is sad.



My inspiration

Dov Miami Boys chore is an inspiration to me. The Mami Boys choir makes me want to be a better singer and keyboardist. The choir makes beautiful music and I want too as well. This choir encourages me to be my best musician.

The job training at JoyDew Foundation

By Chris The very best job for me is finding patterns. This is the job of pattern recognition. I like to do the fun jobs like cybersecurity. I do computer health checks to make sure the computer is updated. I am great at all the jobs I try, because I want to have a job. I want to be like my family and have a job. It is really hard idea for other people to learn that I am thinking critically. They are dead wrong to think I am not smart. I am going to be very good at my job because I am very motivated, and I want to succeed in my life and become independent. The good news is that I am very smart and very responsible. These are qualities that can help a person be a good employee. It will be the accomplishment of my life and I will be very proud about it. In the future there will be many people with autism that will work in many jobs and show the world that we are smart and capable people. It is all because of the hard work we are doing at JoyDew Foundation and the training we get there.

Job Experience

Trey The job I am most interested at JoyDew Foundation is robotics. I love robotics because robots can be used to build and improve things. Such as, helping people like veterans who lost their limbs or children with cancer, entertainment like music or movies, and for protection like having a security alarm at home. The job I’m also interested in is JoyDew Foundation or being a part of a JoyDew Foundation community. I wanted to stay at JoyDew Foundation because not only am I comfortable in a peaceful environment full of people who are friendly and understands my autism, I also want to bring awareness about it to help others with special needs and disabilities. What I need to do in order to be able to find those jobs is to research videos and learn the history about robotics and special needs & disabilities. Even though I know how to read, I’m mostly a visionary. I learn things from movies, TV, & the internet whether it’s a documentary or an educational show. The kind of training I think is important for robotics is practicing skills on judgement and decision making, complex problem solving, & persistence. Also, the kind of training I think is important for being a part of a JoyDew Foundation community is learning to be a good leader.

Job Blog

By Mark I am happy To learn. Opening Meeting Movement walk in the morning. I like job training of cyber security. It is nice to have support and training. I like doing smart things. I like doing challenging stuff. I can be a good worker.

My Dream Career

Christian I Enjoy Using a Computer to Work on my own. it’s important to focus on my work. Having friends sometimes gives me a Headache, however I am better today. Ideas for jobs are Librarian, Accountant, Lawyer, Blogger, Archaeologist, Journalist, Computer Programmer, chef, or a Secretary. I would like to be a Computer Programmer the most. I will do my work responsibly. I will go to work on time. I will Program Robots. The robots will build cars. My job will be to program the robots and make sure that the robots are working.

Music Is Fun To Play.

By Antonio I Like To Play Music With Family. I Like To Play Piano. I Like To Learn New Songs. Music Is An Old Thing Everyone Loves. I Like To Learn About Music In School. Everyone Likes Music. I Want To Play Guitar And Flute. Playing An Instrument Makes You Feel Good. Music Can Help You Relax. I Also Play Word Games To Relax. Life Is Stressful. Everyone Needs Time To Relax. We Can Learn A Lot From Music.

Just good things in my life.

By Jonathan I doing now the best ever works. Just I'm the very best the radiologist assistant. Now I'm much more independent in my session. I'm saving lives by helping Moish find where the cancer may be. Now I helped find the day programs in Bergen for people with autism. This was big for me to find the big list and I make it small. I can just have the job that I am skilled in. I think I'm ready to have a job at JoyDew Foundation every day. I am the good hardworking man that's ready to show my best skills. I want my mom have faith in me and JoyDew Foundation.

Music is a Language

Elliott I think that music Is silly. It is fun to play music. I think that music is the language of the soul. In music you use your feelings to make the beat. I think there are musicians who make music from their feelings. Yes really good music comes from within your mind and feelings. My now go to music is JoyDew Foundation music, it’s my favorite.

Music as a language

By Gil I think that music is a language. It is a language because it talks without speaking. You can tell stories that are only in sounds. From classical music to modern electronic music they don't use singing. These genres can tell their stories that are just as important to tell. It shows that you can tell stories with just sound. I think that the music the way to tell your thoughts if you can't talk. You can show others happy songs for when your happy. You can have other songs for other great times. You can have a song for each of the zones, red, green, blue, and yellow. That way you can always tell others how I feel because feelings are hard to tell others.

My progress

By Elliott I am very fond with JoyDew Foundation because i am doing very good job in class, and I think I made a good job in going to classes every day. I made a great progress in being able to be quiet in class. Before I couldn't sit in class because I was very loud all the time. Now that I am quiet i can be in class, and participate in the activities. the reason I can be quiet now is that i can type my thoughts. It is a big difference then before. I am feeling very good about it. I need to be able to move on from being vocal very fast to not being vocal at all. I am going to work very hard on being less vocal. I think that it will be helpful if I can type more in class to being quiet.

The change is what you want it to be

By Jonathan I am very much a person that knows what change is all about. I had many changes in my life. I moved from one program to another many times. You may think that it is not a big deal but for me it is. I am not always feeling good about changing programs because I don't know what it is going to be like. But once I am there I feel ok if the people are nice. I am also in the right state of mind to try new things. If I like it then I feel good about it. If I don't like it then I am not happy. I hope you are understanding my reasons.

Short flash fiction

By Danny The best thing that you can find in this world is love. Then you're happy. love is a jar of honey but its full of bees. I will find love when I am where the world ends. I will be finding all my wishes in faces of my family. They could fill the world with love.


By Andrew I would like to get more sleep. I get distracted by YouTube. my brain work overtime at night. Sometimes I think about Basketball When I wake up, I feel grouchy It's hard for me to have conversations when I'm tired

The take control method

By Gil It is very important to be able to be a good example when you are trying to help someone else. You need to be calm and collected when you are trying to help. I am developing a good way to help others by showing example. I consider it a strong progress and I am hoping to be able to become a team leader at joydew. If someone is not doing so well it is important to help then be calm by being calm yourself. The trick is to stay calm so you show good example to the other person. A good leader needs to be in control and not get upset. To be able to be a good leader is a very important skill and I think I got it. Sometimes I feel that I can't control myself because I can't stand the noise that someone makes. Then I try to move away from that person so I will not get upset. After I move away I feel that I can control myself again and that I am ready to go back and help.

The Change Effect

By Chris You are not ready for any change unless you are starting it already. You should be very aware of the difference in life experiences to feel comfortable with the changes. I think it is not about the time the change is happening but more about what the change is. I am always aware of the change that is coming when it is coming. I once was in another program and then I moved to JoyDew Foundation. First, I was very worried but with time I became comfortable, so I felt better. The thing that made me feel comfortable was the people that were here to help me get to know the classes and the schedule, so I felt much better very soon. The other thing that helped me was the fact that I really liked the people and the activities. Really life is hard but with knowledge you can do anything you imagine, it can happen. I think everyone is doing the things that change their lives. On the new changes it can be tough to know to react well to the change. It is the way you learn about it you can really change your life. It is all your lifetime to find new doings and new things. I think everyone can celebrate change.


By Dov In my life I started playing the piano. I hate practicing the piano Trap music is my favorite. I like trap music. Piano gives my brain exercise. Piano teaches your patience. I like to play piano and sing. I like to play music for my friends. Music makes me feel good. Music helps me feel closer to Hashem. Music is fun with Abba and Momma. Piano music is pretty to listen to. I want to play more music. I would like to see a piano concert. I'm finished

The change is what you want it to be

By Jonathan I am very much a person that knows what change is all about. I had many changes in my life. I moved from one program to another many times. You may think that it is not a big deal but for me it is. I am not always feeling good about changing programs because I don't know what it is going to be like. But once I am there I feel ok if the people are nice. I am also in the right state of mind to try new things. If I like it then I feel good about it. If I don't like it then I am not happy. I hope you are understanding my reasons.

The dog and the underdog

By Tal The dog was under the tree. The underdog was under the other dog. The two dogs were in the forest. The forest was in the abord of the world. The world was in the great universe. So the first dog was the last to leave the universe.

The path to employment

By Danny I am very happy to be trained to work in a program that gives me the opportunity to become employed. I am not sure if I will start working this year or the following year. It depends on what job I can get through JoyDew Foundation. I am very motivated to a future of working and being independent. I am trying to be as responsible as I can. It is not always easy.

The Important Work

By Matthew I feel great. I have learned about a lot of different Job Trainings like Cyber Security, Robotics, Social Media, Budgeting, Medical Imaging, Pattern Recognition, Leadership and Mentorship. It is fun and I always feel happy. I had a lot of time to double check my work. I am very focused when I work. I like having staff here to help me. I enjoy working with my friends. I like working on math problems. I like solving problems in math and at Pattern Recognition. With Mentorship class, I am learning how to help others, learning to make positive rules for myself to follow. Learning to be a leader helps me be responsible and learning about how good I can be makes me happy. Learning a good job can show how smart I am. My friends will be proud of me, my mom and dad will be happy when I get a job and I am happy I get exposed to lots of job training. I feel proud I did an excellent job on the contract, I am happy my strengths are being used, I know I can keep adding to my resume and I am an important member of my team.

Working on the job

By Tal I am ready to be employed. I have been training to be a radiologist assistant for the last few months and I feel that I am ready to begin my employment. It is the best feeling to know that I can help other people. My first choice is to be the breast cancer screener. By doing that I can help save lives. Hopefully it will be my job for a very long time. I will be responsible employee. I will show to work on time. I will finish all my work the best I can. My goal is to perform good and be the best employee possible. I will try to remember to keep time and leave the work only when I finish everything that need to be done. If I need a break I will use it to regulate and get back in focus. I believe it is possible to accomplish my goals by following these rules.

The tree and me

By Danny Under the tree I was sitting alone. It is the quietest place in the world. You may think I am not happy but I am.


By Danny The voting rights are good to use, and you have to know your rights. I think very good for everyone to choose the next leader. Not good to not do the voting for the time there is an election. The leaders need to help the others. Voting tells the good guys what to do. Jin teaches about history of voting. I want, To keep voting and learning about how to be more productive citizen. The certainty of the future up to the citizens to do it by voting.

Working adult

By Gil I am a very motivated person that can be good employee. Finally, I am ready to start working. I am ready to start being a radiologist assistant. It is a very good job for me because I like to help people. The most important thing is to be responsible and work as hard as you can. The other thing that is very important is to remember that you can achieve anything you want by doing the best you can and dream high. I am in a good place in my life where I can get to accomplish my dream to become a productive adult. I am very happy about the future because it is the time that people with autism can become part of the working force of the modern world. If people with autism can become employed then they can be more independent and can support themselves. To be independent means to live by yourself and support yourself financially. I am the best person to accomplish my dream because I am smart and hardworking individual. I am looking forward to my future and I believe it is going to be bright.

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