Day Program for Adults with Autism in Passaic County

Nobody is born with the skills they need to enter the workforce. These are things that are learned through life experience and taught to us by others. Keeping this in mind, we here at JoyDew Foundation believe that adults with autism are no less capable of learning the skills they need to thrive in a workplace. For this reason, we have developed autism programs for adults that will help them foster their talents and gain the confidence to seek a fulfilling career. If you would like to learn more about our resources for autistic adults, you can reach us today at (201) 444-6409.

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Helping Adults with Autism Build Their Strengths

At JoyDew Foundation, we are much more than a place for autistic adults to go during the day—we are a valuable resource designed to bolster the skills of our attendees. Our goal is to celebrate the natural talents of adults with autism and help them identify what their true calling may be. It's only natural that we as humans enjoy doing things that we are good at, and this is no less true for those living with autism in adulthood. We work hard to assess the strengths of our members, help them build upon them, and then find placement in a career that brings joy into their life.

Providing Help for Autistic Adults

We are firm believers that adults with autism are fully capable of being valuable members of society. Just like any other individual, the talents of autistic adults come in all shapes and sizes. This is why we have developed a wide variety of different skill-building and career development activities for our members that will help them find something they are passionate about. Some of the topics that we provide training in include:

  • Medical imaging
  • Robotics
  • Pattern recognition
  • Digital content
  • Big data engineering
  • And more

Creating Resources for Adults with Autism

There are many different programs for children with autism, but we here at JoyDew Foundation couldn't help but notice that these resources begin to thin out as the individual grows older. Human beings never stop learning, and this is particularly true when it comes to those with autism. We see untapped potential in all of our members, which is why we created our program in the first place. No matter their age, it is never too late for someone to gain valuable life skills and stimulate their mind through socialization. We do everything we can to help our members realize that they have a lot to offer those around them.

Learn More About Our Mission to Help Adults with Autism

We work hard to provide autistic adults in our community with an opportunity to grow and give back to society. We have carefully developed our day programs and are constantly building upon them to ensure that we are always providing a beneficial resource. If you would like to learn more about what we do, don't hesitate to contact us at (201) 444-6409 for answers to all of your questions.