Day Program for Adults with Autism in Bergen County

For those looking to broaden their skill sets, engage with a positive community, and brighten their day, we have something in store for you: the diverse and wonderful day programs of JoyDew.

JoyDew offers a unique approach to job training and confidence building for adults with autism. We believe that the traditional paradigm of autism treatment fails to address the real-world needs of adults on the autism spectrum. In response to this gap, we have developed a series of programs designed not just for job training, but to recognize and celebrate the strengths of our members.

If you or someone you care about may be interested in taking advantage of our innovative day programs for autistic adults, please click the link below and give us a call. Our phone number is (201) 444-6409 and we cannot wait to hear from you.

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A Different Kind of Day Program for Adults with Autism

Our goal is to help adults with autism discover their potential and find fulfillment in their everyday lives. For us, learning the skills to enter the workforce is not just about becoming productive members of society. It’s about establishing a feeling of self-reliance and the confidence to thrive in an ever-changing world. We believe everyone should have the right to meaningful work and the opportunity to grow into themselves.

Our innovative day programs are designed to give our members the skills they need to find meaningful employment and the confidence to pursue it. In doing so, we intend to help our members and ease the strain that they would otherwise put on their communities. We seek to transform communities by encouraging well-being, happiness, and personal success.

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Our Creative Programs Sharpen Your Skillsets

Whether you or your loved one is looking to refine their skills for the labor market or recreational purposes, we can help. Our various day programs and activities are sure to appeal to people from all walks of life. Some individuals may gravitate toward engineering, while others may thrive in the world of robotics programming or pattern recognition.

Rest assured, we will work with you or your loved one to find the path that is right for them. We want our members to access their untapped areas of expertise so they can feel good about their contribution to the world.

Does your loved one have an aptitude for computers or mathematics? Do they have a desire to help those around you? Contact us at your convenience.

Communication Is Key for Adults with Autism

We believe in communicating with our members, whether they are verbal or not. We want to cultivate real relationships with the families and individuals in our program. We do this by working alongside our members every step of the way. We will find an avenue of communication that works best, whether it be sign language, facilitated communication, or typing.

Time and time again, we have seen individuals surprise their family members and even themselves. With encouragement, compassion, and patience, we help people make progress they never thought possible.

Adult Training Programs Stimulate the Mind

We understand how difficult it can be for the parents of people with autism to keep their children stimulated. After a child has reached adulthood, there are fewer programs available to them, and fewer opportunities for healthy socialization and mental stimulation. Luckily, our day programs resolve this matter.

At our facilities, adulthood is where activity and progress really take off. We make sure they continue to develop through life. With us, they’ll be exposed to many wonderful, positive experiences. They will grow, learn, and have fun. What’s more, they’ll have countless opportunities to contribute to their communities.

Medical Imaging Day Programs

Our members get a hands-on learning experience that is specially tailored to meet the needs of students on the autism spectrum. One of the unique areas in which our students excel is in medical imaging, where the ability to focus and pay attention to the smallest details is extremely important. Radiologists need employees with the skills we help foster in our members. Those who come through JoyDew’s day programs are often highly sought after in the field.

Robotics Engineering Day Programs

The modern world is increasingly dominated by automation and robotics. We rely on robotics in the health care industry, the military, manufacturing, mining, and so many other fields of employment. Adults on the autism spectrum are especially well-positioned to take up key roles in:

  • Automation
  • Robotics engineering
  • Robotics programming
  • Remote operation

We can strengthen the existing skills of adults on the autism spectrum. We can help them find their way in the competitive world of robotics and engineering. Before long, they’ll be thriving.

Anticipating a future dominated by robotics engineering and automation, we aim to help members develop the skills they need to be secure now and in the future. With these skills, they’ll have the tools they need to thrive.

Pattern Recognition Day Programs

Pattern recognition is an extremely valuable skill that many of us take for granted. This skill can be applied to a wide variety of professions across various sectors.

Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) have many untapped skills that help contribute to the workforce in unique ways. One of these strengths of people with ASD is pattern recognition. By developing pattern recognition skills, we can help members join the world of marketing, data collection, data analytics, and more!

Digital Content Day Programs

The world of digital content is nothing without automation. We’ve discovered that many of our members have a knack for the work that goes into content management.

Take advantage of the incredible technology resources at JoyDew to learn about digital content creation, marketing, and more, in a hands-on way. We will give you all the skills you need to join one of the many digital contents and digital marketing companies that have come to dominate the media that we consume every day.

Join Us for Our Cutting-Edge Adult Support Programs

With a wide range of educational programs for adults with autism, we have something for everyone. Our services for adults with autism are specially tailored to meet the learning requirements of each individual. With personalized teaching and cutting-edge programs, JoyDew is one of the most innovative services around.

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