At JoyDew we work with adults across the autism spectrum who are passionate about high value employment that is personally fulfilling. We have gone beyond the traditional paradigm of prevention and treatment of autism to recognize, celebrate and capitalize on those strengths that make our members unique. JoyDew offers an autism-friendly environment for members to learn, grow and work – All together easing the burden on families, delivering outstanding service to customers and transforming communities…

…at JoyDew, we call this Autism 2.0

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Moish Tov

CEO & Chairman of the Board

Engelbert Tjeenk Willink

Board Member

Simon Mason

Board Member

Ted Neuberger

Board Member & Strategic Advisory

Anat Klebanov

Chief Operating Officer

Eric Hollander

Advisory Board

Monica Osgood

Advisory Board

Anya Luchow-Liberman

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