Day Program for Adults with Autism in Essex County

We here at JoyDew Foundation firmly believe that autistic people have a lot to offer to society. This is why we have developed a support program to help adults on the autism spectrum foster valuable skills and enter the workforce. Our programs are designed to help our members identify their strengths and allow them to grow into valuable workers. We have had the pleasure of assisting many people in finding a purpose and achieving fulfillment. To find out more about our adult day programs in Essex County, phone us today at (201) 444-6409.

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Strength Assessments for Autism Support

Like all people, autistic people have unique strengths and weaknesses. We believe in helping our members reach their true potential by providing them with comprehensive training programs. As part of our effort to help our members truly thrive in the workforce, we begin with a personalized assessment of what they are capable of. Many autism organizations aim to treat this condition, but JoyDew Foundation takes it a step further by truly celebrating the talents that our members have. By taking the time to get to know the individuals we assist, we can help instill the confidence and abilities they need to excel.

Adult Autism Talent Development

Discrediting adults with autism would be to overlook an extremely talented section of society. We are dedicated to helping employers understand the skills that many autistic people can bring to the table and how they will prove to be amazing assets for any business. However, this begins by first helping our members foster and understand their strengths themselves. After their initial assessment, our members can receive personalized coursework to aid them in becoming the best they can be. Our programs have been developed to provide our members with training that helps them provide sought-after work and gain a new outlook on their independence and role in society.

Some of the training that we provide includes:

  • Medical imaging
  • Robotics
  • Pattern recognition
  • Digital content
  • Big data engineering
  • And more

Career Development for Adults with Autism

The skills and talents that we help our members develop will help them find more than simple work—we set them up to find real careers. Our core philosophy is that autistic people have many unique talents to offer the workforce. By celebrating and capitalizing on their strengths, we can help them become contributing members of the community. Much more than autism therapy, our day programs provide practical training and foster communication skills that we hope will help redefine what most people think autistic adults are capable of.

Building a Better Future for Adults with Autism in Essex County

Humans never stop learning. This can be said of all people, but especially those with autism. JoyDew Foundation is committed to helping the world understand the many contributions that autistic people can provide to society, while also helping our members better understand themselves. Through personalized skill development, we help those that we work with gain the fulfillment and self-actualization that everyone deserves in life.