T h e   J o y D e w   T e a m

Board of Directors
Moish Tov, CEO & Chairman of the Board
Engelbert Tjeenk Willink,   Board Member
Simon Mason,  Board Member
Dr. Susan Dorfman, Board Member

Advisory Board
Eric Hollander, MD
Monica Osgood 
Anya Luchow Liberman, PHD

Anat Klebanov, COO
Rachel Avital, CFO

                        Moish Tov
                        CEO & Chairman of the Board

20 years experienced CEO, Entrepreneur and leader, with unique experience, knowledge and achievements in the for-profit markets of Healthcare, Technology, and Autism. 
Decisive, results driven, dynamic leader with track record of performance in challenging situations. Future-oriented, strategically agile, resilient visionary with a passion that inspires others up and down the organization.
Significant experience in diverse and successful start-up companies as founder and CEO of Skila, Inc. (Healthcare Internet Company) and JoyDew, LLC (Autism employment and services solutions).

Healthcare and Technology
- Grown Skila, Inc. from start-up to a $10M revenue company, with $20M multi year contracts and over
  20 clients from the leading Pharmaceutical and Bio-Tech global companies.
- Established Skila as leader in the global market with over 10,000 users in 52 countries.
- Developed Skila as one of the first Internet B2B companies.
- Developed Skila Technology Platform with multiple products to support its customers.
- Completed multiple acquisitions and management buyouts.
- Sold Skila to a Private Equity and provided 4x ROI to the main investors.
- Developed a virtual operation, which allowed small teams in 6 different locations to work as one team.
- Built R&D and Service center in Ukraine, resulting in 50% operation cost reduction.

- 17 years first-hand experience with the Autism life cycle, market, medical, and services, as a father
  of two boys with autism.
- Founded JoyDew, LLC as a start-up to develop speech and communication products and to create high
  value employment for adults with autism.
- Completed a survey of services, products, and treatments for autism in 6 major US states and over 20 
  countries around the world.
- Completed a successful pilot of employment for adults with autism, integrated in autism friendly 
- Currently performing a pilot: “From Communication to Employability”, with 140 participants in NJ and   PA.

- Over 13 years in the Special Forces elite unit of the IDF, leading the unit in numerous successful
- Proven cross-cultural flexibility and resourcefulness; able to empathize with differences, manage  
  through ambiguity to achieve sustainable solutions such as parent company working with subsidiary 
  companies in different countries.

                       Engelbert Tjeenk Willink
                       Board Member

Engelbert Tjeenk Willink has more than 25 years of experience within the pharmaceutical industry, most recently at Boehringer Ingelheim GmbH as a member of the Board of Managing Directors. In this role, Mr Tjeenk Willink managed the Corporate Board Division Marketing and Sales (M&S) in human pharmaceuticals and had global responsibility for the prescription medicines (PM) and consumer health care businesses. Prior to this, Mr Tjeenk Willink held multiple regional managerial roles including Country Manager Mexico, Head Corporate Division Marketing PM and Head M&S PM Canada. Mr Tjeenk Willink has extensive strategic and operational experience across marketing and sales, health economics and outcomes, research, medical and business development functions. Before joining Boehringer Ingelheim in 1994 as Medical Director, Mr Tjeenk Willink was Vice President Operations at Pharma Bio-Research BV and started his career with Gist-Brocades NV. Mr Tjeenk Willink holds a degree in Medicine from the Erasmus University Rotterdam School of Medicine and is a member of the Royal College of Pharmaceutical Industry Physicians. He is fluent in English, Dutch and German.

                            Simon Mason
                            Board Member

Mr. Mason brings over 26 years of experience in building and growing companies that provide consulting, technology and services to the pharmaceutical, medical device and biotech industries. He has strong knowledge in the commercialization of healthcare products with an emphasis on the increasing role of medical decision making in the process. Mr. Mason is currently Chief Commercial Officer at Medmeme, a scientific information company. Prior to joining Medmeme, Mr. Mason was Chief Operating Officer and board member at Skila, a knowledge management solutions company focused on the Life Sciences industry, and in various leadership positions at Physician's Online and Merck and Co. Mr. Mason also sits on a number of boards for other non-profit organizations as well as commercial ventures.

​                             Dr. Susan Dorfman
                         Board Member

Dr. Susan Dorfman is Chief Commercial Officer at CMI/Compas – the nation’s largest media planning and buying agency for the healthcare industry (a WPP company). She is responsible for overseeing Customer Insights, Media Innovation, Technology, Customer Development, Customer Excellence & Relationship Management, and Strategic Marketing. She is a Doctor of Health Administration, a published author and an industry speaker with strong connections and ties to both the healthcare and life sciences industries. Having two decades of experience at leading global organizations including Dendrite International, Skila and Pharmagists – a Publicis Company, her expertise in customer intelligence, advocacy development, social diffusion and brand optimization have earned her a seat at numerous industry events, media interviews, client brand strategy sessions and analyst reviews. In 2008 and 2009, was recognized by peers and PharmaVOICE as one of the 100 Most Inspiring People in Pharma. In her free time, she enjoys supporting industry-related initiatives, and in addition to JoyDew currently serves on the editorial board for the prestigious Journal of Medical Marketing as well as on the board of Edison Ventures Director Network.

                    Eric Hollander, MD

Eric Hollander is the Director of the Autism and Obsessive-Compulsive Spectrum Program, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences and a Clinical Professor, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Montefiore Medical Center and the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, 
Research Focus
Dr. Hollander's work focuses on Autism Spectrum Disorder, Asperger's Syndrome and Obsessive-Compulsive Spectrum Disorders such as Body Dysmorphic Disorder and Pathological Gambling.

                     Monica G. Osgooc

Celebrate the Children’s founder, Monica G. Osgood, is an experienced behavioral consultant and therapist who specializes in using developmental approaches to support children with autism and other differences in relating and communicating. She is also the Founder and Director of the Developmental Center for Children and Families and Executive Director and a founding member of the Profectum Foundation. Monica has worked in homes, therapy centers, and private and public school settings for over 20 years. Some of her experience has included assessment and the development of intervention programs, curriculum and IEP development, and parent and professional training.
In 1998 Monica created the first public school program with the Developmental Individual Relationship-based (DIR model) approach as the core philosophy. In 2000 she was the first educator to join the Senior Faculty of the Interdisciplinary Council on Development and Learning(ICDL) to provide interdisciplinary training in the DIR Model. During her time with ICDL Monica served as Faculty for all of their yearly training institutes, spoke at many of their conferences and had the opportunity to work closely and collaborate with Drs. Greenspan and Wieder to further develop the DIR Model in school settings. In 2004, she collaborated with Lauren Blaszak to open a state-approved, DIR Model school for children ages 3-21 in Denville New Jersey now serving over 70 school districts and 130 families.

Anya Luchow Liberman, PHD

​                        Anat Klebanov

Anat Klebanov brings over 35 years of experience in the art and design fields, and 20 years of management experience. In the early 1990’s, Anat founded and managed Anat Klebanov – Fine Art, an art and design company. She worked as a graphic designer in a few design studios, was the art director of Skila, Inc., and currently own and manage Midday Gallery. She has 22 years of life experience, bringing up her two boys with autism. As co-founder of JoyDew Foundation, she is now dedicating her time to oversee the company’s operations.

                         Rachel Avital

Rachel Avital brings over 30 years of work experience in finance and marketing, both in the private and public sectors. She has the knowledge of the market place and the corporate business, working with multiple accounting systems including purchasing system, sales, and accounts receivable and payable.

As a mother of a young adult with autism, she has 26 years’ experience of living with autism and first-hand experience of the “21 CLIFF” challenge. She has the knowledge of the population, their needs, and the system. But most of all, she brings the passion and the belief in the young adults with autism and their special contribution to our society.