A b o u t  J o y D e w 

JoyDew’s mission is to provide meaningful life to people with autism ages 21+.
Our vision is to  create a day program with a path for growth and development 
for those exiting the school system. 

We are dedicated to provide adequate training and employment to adults with autism in a safe, supporting, and autism friendly environment. Our goal is to match high level professions with the unique abilities of adults with autism and to enable them to become productive and contributing members of society.

In 2011, Moish Tov founded JoyDew based on his belief that the capabilities of adults with autism are greater and more versatile than opportunities currently available for these individuals. As a father of 2 young adults with autism, he knows the subject first hand. He is determined to change
society’s perception of people with autism from being disabled to capable and productive. 

In 2012 JoyDew initiated a pilot in Israel for adults with autism (18 years old),  where
 14 young adults with special acute vision, were recruited to the army. They were trained to analyze aerial and satellite pictures. The pilot was proven to be a big success! Today, there are more than 40 autistic soldiers working in the program with excellent outcome, ranking 10% higher than their average peer group.

In the US we have been successful in increasing literacy and communication within the nonverbal population using current technologies. We are currently training autistic students in their schools, working with their school staff and therapists, so when they graduate they will be ready to join our company as employees. 

Based on our belief that people with autism have unique abilities, we developed a Strengths Assessment to identify their strengths and style of learning. A comprehensive analysis of the assessment includes recommendations of how to apply those strengths to create the opportunities to grow, develop, and obtain a high-value job or career. JoyDew will train individuals based on their strengths, and will support their employment in variety of fields, as part of our Comprehensive Day Program.

JoyDew is DDD  and Medicaid Certified Day Habilitation and other services provider.

We offer a comprehensive Day Habilitation Program that focuses on community inclusion while providing a safe and friendly environment. As each individual’s skills and capabilities are unique, our mission within the Day Habilitation Program is to develop our participant’s life skills including socializing, decision-making, self-advocacy, communication, and daily rituals (cleanliness). 

Our Day Program offers variety of learning experiences,  all provided in an “Autism Friendly” environment that encourages growth and development
- Day Habilitation
- Career planning
- Prevocational and Job Training
- Community-base Support,
- Supported Employment
- Transportation

JoyDew is a new type of organization, an exclusive provider of training and employment for adults with autism in high value jobs in the US. 

JOYDEW  will train these individuals to develop the career that is right for them.

JOYDEW  will employ people with AUTISM and allow them to utilize their Unique Abilities.

JOYDEW  will have trained co-workers to support and manage the employees.

JOYDEW  will provide specially designed spaces and therapies to enable our employees to function through their work day and to increase their productivity.

JOYDEW  will create community life for our employees with social engagements, events, outings and leisure time.

JOYDEW  will continually help develop the employees’ careers.

JOYDEW  will expand to new locations.

JOYDEW  will become a financially sustainable organization.