S t r e n g t h s   A s s e s s m e n t

Stepping forward - Strengths Assessment, Training, Employment 

At JoyDew we are convinced that the capabilities of adults with autism are higher and more versatile than the opportunities that are offered to them. Based on that, our goal is to match high level careers with the unique abilities of adults with autism.

We have developed a multipoint strengths-based protocol designed to build a personal profile tailored to each unique individual. This protocol was developed based on recent research from multiple resources and is optimized for the ASD community. It enables the identification of career paths, creating more opportunities for the individual to live a full life.

What is A Strength?
For the purposes of this profile, a strength is more than what you are successful at or have already achieved. It incorporates aspects of your personality and abilities that can become strengths within a certain setting.  A strength is then any:

Positive trait that can be utilized as a building block in forming useful skills. 

Positive traits can be those the candidate exhibits in academic, social, work, or recreational arenas. Untapped abilities can be discovered by looking within larger areas of functioning such as: visual, auditory, and movement/physical tasks. Clues are found in the individual’s social interactions, passions, or hobbies.  

Some positive traits can be observed directly, such as talent for math, great memory, or love to draw. Other traits are less obvious, but can be used to build future strengths. A strength can even be one small piece of a topic, subject, or skill that the individual can do. Behavioral habits (perhaps in making lists, identifying written errors, reacting to sounds, repeating tasks) can also predict useful strengths.

 Separate strengths can then be combined to create a skill set that matches a vocational task. Other skills associated with strengths can improve over time with targeted training.

Step I: 
We start by assessing the candidate’s Strengths. Using the Strengths Identification Inventory the candidate and those who know him/her help produce a sample of that individual’s own unique qualities and learning style, to be harnessed to build practical skills.
This information will be used to create a comprehensive action plan. The completed plan can evolve to support, develop, and ultimately grow along with the individual as strategies are updated and the individual progresses.  
The evaluation includes: assessment forms, interview, data review, written report, and in person review of recommendations. 

Step II: 
Once the Strengths profile is created, we build a Supportive Map, a plan to supports and enhance personal success for the individual across present or future programs and work environments. 

Follow up can be provided to aid in planning, creating a usable timeline, or implementing the Assessment and Support Plan goals at home, school, work place or other settings.

The full process available for candidates includes:
1.Assessment process:  
a.Strength Identification Inventory:  Individual, teachers, and parents fill out questionnaires to build a personalized abilities data base. 
b.Interviews:  take place with the individual, teachers, parents and other involved professionals. 
c.Review and Analysis:  a multi-disciplinary team reviews the data identifying the unique abilities and potential strengths of each individual, and deliver the results and recommendations to the individual and his support team.

2. Support map:  a plan to encourage growth through “Environmentization” will be formed. Environmental supports are identified to diffuse sensitivities and create a setting supportive of personal success.

3. Trial:  A trial training period begins. Ongoing assessment of the environmental match and fit of tasks to abilities will take place during training.  

4. Job Training:  The individual will be trained to build skills that can be applied to a position within the JoyDew community. All through this process we will continue to collect data evolving a plan that grows with each student. 

The trained individual is free to seek outside employment, or be employed by our own organization which will provide services to the market place. Employees may pursue a career of their choice within the professions we offer. Our organization will support the employees to keep them productive and focused on the job, and will enable them to change careers if needed. This will be done in a specially designed environment that is friendly and supportive. Individualized support will increase productivity and create a sustainable and profitable company, and our employees will become productive members of their community.

Additional services offered:
- Single sessions scheduled as needed. Can be done in person or via phone. 
- Reassessment: 6 or 12 months repeat evaluation to update goals, with written report.
- Attending meetings as support/advocate.