S e r v i c e s

JoyDew created an integrated program that includes Day Program, Job Training, and Employment, focusing on the Unique Abilities of adults with autism. Our mission is to provide a meaningful life and a path for growth and development, through learning, career development, and social engagement, all in AUTISM friendly environment.

Day Program
1.    Day Program
       The Day Program will focus on continuing education in the following areas:
Communication Solutions
Expand Social Skills and Team Work
Teach the Foundation of Work
Expand Employability Skills (MS Office and other computer programs)
Body & Mind (Gym, Group Sports, Swimming, Yoga, etc.)
Independence and Life Skills
On-Line Academics
Art, Music, Theater
Community Integration
More to come.

JoyDew day program is a DDD (Division of Developmental Disabilities) certified Day Habilitation program. 

2.Job Training
    The Job Training program will focus on 21st Century Jobs matched with the     participants’ strengths.
Teaching the process of work
Train in Multiple Jobs to enable participants explore different jobs
Personalized training for each participant
Develop team work
Advance Job Skills and tools required for a job
Independence and life Skills
Create an Autism Friendly Work Space
Explore and build Autism Friendly training process (Video
   Modeling, Flexible work process, etc.)
Focus on strengths and preferences of each participant 

3.    Employment
        It is our belief that most people on the ASD spectrum can and should have         productive and competitive careers.
Thus, we are building an entity that will employ its Job Training graduates in multiple jobs, with the goal to employ most graduates, should they desire.
JoyDew Employment will outsource service to various clients.
JoyDew employees will be compensated for their work, (at least minimum wage).
JoyDew will build an autism friendly working place, with job coaches and professorial     mangers for each area who will support employees with therapies and activities needed     in order to optimize the work environment and productivity for its employees.
JoyDew is building a sustainable business model by matching the employee’s unique     strengths with high demand, 21st century jobs.

4.    Strengths Assessment
        Based on our belief that people with autism have unique abilities, we developed an         assessment to identify their strengths and style of learning. By matching the unique         strength with a job, we can open a new world of opportunities to this community.
The Strengths Assessment analysis provides results in set of recommendations for     potential competitive career paths.
Individuals who completed this process can join the JoyDew Job Training, if they choose.

People with AUTISM are smart, intelligent, and have the same
 needs as the rest of the world. 
By creating the right environment and opportunities for them, they CAN become a contributing part of society, they CAN learn a profession, they CAN be productive,
 they CAN contribute to their financial needs and they 
CAN develop friendships and enjoy life.
JOYDEW is devoted to create these opportunities for people with AUTISM.

The Day Program offers enrichment and learning experiences through:
-Day Habilitation
-Communication Solutions
-Career Planning
-Prevocational and Job Training
-Community Base Support
-Supported Employment
-Social Opportunities

All in a single “Autism Friendly” environment that encourages growth and development, and provides supported services to maintain productivity and success through the day.

We put a great emphasis on developing communication skills, by using the Total Communication approach, allowing each individual to use the method and tools that are best for them. Professional communication therapists and experts will help us provide these services and will train our support staff members. 

Special interest classes include: art, music, yoga, sports, computers, current events, multimedia, theater, gardening, book club, and more. Each participant will have a few choices based on his/her weekly schedule and preference. 

Life skills and social opportunities are incorporated into the daily schedule, including: shopping, money management, meal and emergency preparation, community outings for recreation, fun, and volunteering.

All participants are offered the opportunity to have Strengths Assessment, be trained for high value job, and eventually become an employee for JoyDew.

Supporting staff will be trained on a regular basis to meet state and government requirements and to obtain skills to support participants’ needs in all areas.

Communication with parents and guardians will be on a regular basis, to maintain open channels and to share information between the day program and home. We are planning to have parents’ groups and workshops to have parents engaged in their child’s life.

We promote participation and independence of all participants, and encourage growth and development of each individual based on their strengths and interests. 

The program is located in Teaneck to service a growing need of adult population in Bergen County.
We are aiming to be operational by July 2017.

JoyDew day program is a DDD (Division of Developmental Disabilities) certified Day Habilitation program. We are in the process of obtaining certifications from Medicaid in order to allow participants to use their budget to attend our day program.

JoyDew is dedicated to provide quality training and employment to adults with autism in a safe, supporting, warm, and autism friendly environment. At JoyDew we are convinced that the capabilities of adults with autism are higher and more versatile than the opportunities that are offered to them. Based on that, our goal is to match high level careers with the unique abilities of adults with autism.

In 2012 JoyDew ran a pilot in Israel where 14 young adults with autism (18 years old) with special acute vision were recruited to the army. They were trained to analyze aerial and satellite pictures. The pilot was proven to be a big success! Today, there are more than 40 autistic soldiers working in the program with excellent outcome, ranking 10% higher than their average peer group.

Based on this success, in February 2017, we launched our first pilot in the US in the field of Medical Imaging, in affiliation with a prominent Bergen County Hospital Radiology Department. A group of students are trained by professional radiologists to identify changes in patient’s mammography. The pilot is supported by a major corporation who donated the equipment, software, set up, and technical support to JoyDew. The training is done in office space in Denville NJ, and additional space in Bergen County.

Following this pilot, more professions will be added to our training program.
The trained individual is free to seek outside employment, or be employed by our own organization which will provide services to the market place. Employees may pursue a career of their choice within the professions we offer. Our organization will support the employees to keep them productive and focused on the job, and will enable them to change careers if needed. This will be done in a specially designed environment that is friendly and supportive. Individualized support will increase productivity and create a sustainable and profitable company, and our employees will become productive members of their community.

In the near future, JOYDEW will employ people with AUTISM that have been trained based on their Unique Ability and strength. We will help these individuals to develop the career that is right for them, and continue to grow.

JoyDew will provide high value professional services that will be outsourced to the market place. The work place will be designed in an autism friendly environment to help productivity and sustainability. The employees will be trained and will have counseling and mentoring to help them fulfill their responsibilities. 

We are focused on areas in which the autistic population has above average skills and abilities, and we will market those as competitive advantage to the market place. We will start with 5 types of services and will increase professions as are group of employees grow. That will enable flexibility for the employees to change profession, and will increase the revenue of the company.

JoyDew will employ non-autistic staff for management, marketing, sales, and coaching, alongside the autistic employees. We are looking to attract experienced management and training staff that is looking into a career in the social enterprise area. 

We will provide specially designed spaces and therapies to support and enable our employees to function through their work day and to increase their productivity, and we will create community life for our employees with social engagements, events, outings and leisure time.

By giving these individuals the chance to work, we believe our organization is changing their quality of life for the better: making them contributing members of society and becoming productive citizens in a sustainable fashion for life!