T H E   A U T I S M   A D V A N T A G E
   Our Music Enrichment Program

JoyDew began with the premise that the capabilities of adults with autism
 are greater and more versatile than the opportunities available. Today, 
one in 68 children is diagnosed with autism, and up until the age of 21, 
they are integrated into the school system. But once they reach the age
 of 21, this support system vanishes. Over 90% of them will be unemployed.

At JoyDew, we believe we can change this grim reality. We are preparing
 to open our second location in New Jersey geared towards career 
development. Using a strength-based approach, we work to identify the
 special talents of adults with autism and match them with high-value 
employment. We cultivate the unique abilities of adults with autism, 
rather than focusing on their disability. We believe that by treating our
 members as capable rather than unable, we can help them become
 productive members of society.

We are initiating our program with a curriculum aimed not only to teach
 job-specific skills, but also to enrich the lives of our program's members.
 On staff, we have an acclaimed musician who will teach music enrichment
 to our members. Through music, we will offer our members much more than
 just a new leisure activity. We believe that music offers a powerful means of self-expression to those who often struggle to communicate. Through playing music in a group, we offer a novel opportunity for social interaction and community. Perhaps most importantly, music can become a tool for self-regulation—a strategy to redirect and channel emotion through a positive, creative outlet.

If you, too, believe in the transformative power of music and want to empower people with autism to reach their full potential, please consider donating to our cause. We are currently raising money to purchase ukuleles for our members, and would truly appreciate your help.  

JoyDew is calling you
 to be 
part of new and innovative program.