I n   T h e i r  O w n  W o r d s
"It is only in writing that both boys' (Tal & Gil) emotional depth becomes accessible to us. Face-to-face there is the problem of dissonant body language. For instance, the contrast between their apparently dismissive facial features and their poignant typing, telling me how much they would have loved to communicate, but just weren't able to overcome their demons at that point in time. Of course I understand intellectually that this disconnect is very characteristic of autism, but we "neurotypicals" are so limited in judgement, so fixated on how things seem, that we find it hard to interact appropriately. Thus unjustly it is the boys who have to make the huge effort to adjust to our expectations…."                Maureen K.
Artwork by Maya Avital
Gil Tov

July 21, 2012
to type is the best at freeing the beast inside of this awful body .The life in this world is sad without typing….

September 15, 2015
Hello, my name is Gil Tov and I am 18 years old. I am currently in the adult program here at CTC . I love to type with friends and hang out with my new friends in the adult building. 
I also like to make artwork with the support of my aide Caitlin, and enjoy music classes as well. Outside of school I like to go to karate, horse back riding and being with my loving family . I am very passionate about my family, culture, and also being an independent adult. That is something I strive for every day, independence in typing, talking and life skills. When I graduate CTC I hope to have a strong hold on most of these things. I would love to be an advocate for those like me who use typing to communicate

March 5, 2015
Imagine (a snow day poem)
 By Gil Tov

Imagine there is no snow
 Imagine I am on the beach
 Imagine the sun is out and warm.

I want to swim in the blue sea
 I want to see palm trees
 I want to go in the sand
 I want to feel the wind in my hair.

Imagine I am not making snow man
 Imagine I am making a sand castle
 Imagine I eat French fries
 Imagine I spend time with mom.

I want to be grown up
 I want to be an adult
 I want to be able to live in a castle
 I want to be a king.

I want to be married to a princess
 I want to be a father
 I want to be a mother.

Tal Tov

January 19. 2012
My desire to talk to great people is large 
Really helpful people like people who can help change the outrageous thinking of society to get them to understand that we are very smart not dumb… The way I am in typing is how I want to be in talking fast and understood I get mad I can't talk 

March 14, 2013
Thinking gets stopped by troubling thoughts in my brain  only my body takes over my thinking
I like to move my thinking to the long days when I was little.

March 23, 2012
I want to get the truth about my future… I am getting very worried that I hope my life is good if mom gets old you can't take care of me if you are old not hopeful anyone else will understand me.. 

December 1, 2011
The way i act is how i show my winning at life attitudde i can now exert my thiniking when i cant communicate i have my own thinking i am my own person i dont need others to tell me what to do i can make my own decisions. 
...My anger is very manageable when i type it is relaxing for my body and my brain 
....I want to talk about how we can improve the lives of many then get the world to see we are the same as every one inside our heads and i get my own show on tv to show the world i can do it my plan is to help many

​Gil Tov

​Before my parents discovered Celebrate the Children school i did not type. This time before my voice was found was not good for me and not everyone who worked with me believed that i was intelligent. In fact there were many who thought that i was not smart at all and maybe there was no Gil inside my brain. But i was secretly much smarter than people who said they were in charge of my learning. I bet that people from my past school would feel stupid now if they could see everything that i have accomplished. I greet many important people who visit my school from every type of personality and belief. They are interested in my typing communicating and even if there are 

doubters at least by seeing how well I type has hopefully began a thought. This thought can be about typers or me or even any little thing they have ever questioned. The important thing is that i have began a new way of thinking and one day we may have a conversation where I am the boss of a big newspaper and then this hidden talent will be shown to the whole world. I believe that by telling my life story, I can change the way people think about the talent and potential that is stored inside of someone who they have doubted in the past. Be creative and have an open mind and this will lead to success in your whole life. There are great abilities inside of everyone, it may just take a second look to discover potential that is within that person.